Are your feet still hurting? It's probably not your fault! Most ski boots aren’t designed with you in mind and make it hard to … BE COMFORTABLE Without compromising performance
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Let’s be honest, skiing without comfort sucks. Instead, MadJacks allows you to bind snowboard boots to your skis, making every run down the slopes easier and more enjoyable.


MadJacks focuses on giving comfort to skiers, regardless of level.


You have the freedom to wear any of your favorite, comfy snowboard boots!


MadJacks is completely detachable, allowing you to walk freely in the snow.


In testing MadJacks meets all relevant ski binding release requirements.


Designed to be used with modern-shaped ISO & ASTM standard skis and bindings.


3 sizes: Kids, Small-Medium, Medium-Large. Adaptable for all ages and all builds. 


What are MadJacks?

The MadJacks is a simple idea.  The MadJacks adapts your snowboard boot to a standard ski binding.  Once you are in your comfy snowboard boots, step into your MadJacks and then into your ski.  Off you go for a great day of comfortable skiing.  Oh, and when your head in for lunch or back to the lodge at the end of the day, step out of your MadJacks and no more Frankenstein walk.

Who are MadJacks for?

Everyone that wants a great day of comfortable skiing.  Why not, you deserve it.  It is possible.

Does the MadJacks work with any brand of snowboard boot?

Absolutely, Mad Jacks is universal with all brands, including those that use single boa technology.

Does the back support of the MadJacks lock into place?

The MadJakcs uses an industry unique system to keep the back support from rotating backward providing the leverage you need for performance.  In addition, the ankle and calf strap create a "cinching" mechanism around the snowboard boot. The MadJacks and your snowboard boot generate all the stiffness you need.

Is the MadJacks Safe?

Yes, the MadJacks is designed to all ISO and ASTM standards related to alpine ski boot geometry (ISO 5355). The MadJacks has also passed release testing. As such, the MadJacks with a snowboard boot acts like a nalpine ski boot.

Will I need to adjust my bindings?

Maybe just a little. The snowboard boot/MadJacks combo is normally about the same size ski boot you wear. However, there may be a small difference and you should only have to adjust your bindings outward or inward a small amount. You should not have to re-mount your bindings.