Key Innovations of MadJacks

Meet MadJacks

Brought to you by Mad Jack Snowsports

The MadJacks converts a standard snowboard bucket fit into a ASTM standard ski boot binding fit, allowing skiers to step into the comfort and ease of a snowboard boot.  Skiing just got better!

The traditional ski boot is designed with performance in mind, lending itself to a tight, rigid and uncomfortable feel.   The majority of skiers do not ski at the professional or advanced level, and therefore do not require that level of stiffness and performance in their boot.  Conversely, the snowboard boot is much more comfortable, allowing for easier mobility when not boarding and costing 35% less than the average ski boot.  MadJacks marries the function and form of the ski boot with the comfort of a snowboard boot.  Allowing skiers to comfortably experience the performance required on the slopes.


Innovative Engineering



MadJacks conforms to all ISO and ASTM standards related to alpine ski boot geometry (ISO 5355) and snowboard strap bindings for soft boots (ISO 14573).  As such, MadJacks is considered a standard alpine ski boot (relative to the fit of the MadJacks to the alpine ski binding) and accepts a standard snowboard boot (acting like a standard snowboard binding).  MadJacks is unique in that it marries the two standards together in one simple device.

Upon initial testing, MadJacks passes all related release moment testing for alpine ski bindings  (ASTM 504, ISO 8061 and ISO 9465) and is considered a standard alpine ski boot relative to lateral and longitudinal release from a ski binding.  Conforming to these standards is important for the functionality, reliability and safety of the MadJacks.

The ability of the MadJacks to convert an industry standard snowboard boot to an industry standard alpine ski boot while meeting all relevant alpine ski binding release requirements is fundamental to the MadJacks’ value to the customer and is patent pending.

MadJacks comes in three sizes, Kids, Small-Medium, and Medium-Large.  Since men’s and women’s snowboard boot soles do not change width as the skier’s foot size changes, only the length of the MadJacks has to change.  The MadJacks employs an industry unique sizing capability.  Each size of the MadJacks can change in length to accommodate a range of skier foot sizes.