The MadJacks blends the PERFORMANCE of a ski boot with the COMFORT of a snowboard boot through a simple, patent pending, adaptation system. Snowboard boots are designed with comfort in mind and allow for better mobility off the slopes. The INNOVATIVE DESIGN of the MadJacks blends the comfort you deserve with the performance you expect.
Who's Talking about madjacks

" I patrol with a snowboard but I want to use my skis as well. Unfortunately after wearing snowboard boots for 20 years I can't stand the thought of putting on the ski boots for up to 10 hours a day. Thank you MadJacks"

-Rod Schmidt, Ski Patrol, Mt Creek, NJ


I love the innovative product, as a snowboarder, I can say – this product makes me want to try skiing for the mere fact of comfortability. "

-Zack Miller, Snowboarder, Boulder, CO


MadJacks are AWESOME! Honestly, they totally changed my attitude about skiing.  I always went along just waiting till my toes got uncomfortable, cold and numb and I was just plain tired.  These bindings made a huge difference -- plus, I just felt cool having something no one else had. "

- Blair Sachs Hanewall, Skier, Seattle, WA

"I love to ski, but the fit of a traditional ski boot does not work for me.  The MadJacks allowed me to hit the slopes again and be comfortable"

- Stephanie Howington, Beginner Skier, Houston, TX.


"As a store owner, I am excited to offer the MadJacks to the youth market as an alternative to traditional ski boots.  As a parent, it is a ‘no brainer’, one pair of boots now to ski, ride and sled!"

- Josh Haring, Co-Owner of the Mountain Air, Advanced Skier, San Luis Obispo, CA

"Skiing is an expensive sport, especially for a family of four, the MadJacks help to make equipment affordable."

- Sally Demarest, Beginner Skier, Los Osos, CA

ABOUT MAD JACK snowsports
We are an INNOVATIVE startup in California with a simple, patent pending idea, why not use your own comfortable snowboard boots for a great day of skiing for you and the family? Let's face it, most of us are on the mountain to HAVE FUN. We don't need world class equipment and we don't want to pay a premium for it. At Mad Jack Snowsports we are 'mad' about making snowsports equipment that is COMFORTABLE, versatile, fun, and affordable without impacting performance. Our introductory product is a REVOLUTIONARY adaptation system that marries the performance of a ski boot with the comfort and ease of a snowboard boot. No joke about it, we are MAD about disrupting this industry and looking at snowsports equipment in a totally different way.

call us mad but we Think the journey should be a little more comfortable